Separate the Wheat from the Chaff

The food industry has one major requirement: freshness. What might seem like a challenge to other logistics providers has long since become our daily bread and butter. Thanks to decades of experience in the food industry, we are as familiar with the strict requirements for transport as we are with the back of our hands. And we know that they change from product to product. Maintaining cold chain conditions is the top priority when it comes to transporting raw meat or freshly caught fish. At METRO LOGISTICS, we use specialised refrigerated vehicles that maintain a constant temperature at all times – essential for ensuring that food safety regulations are met.

From Restaurant to Supermarket – Optimal Delivery

There are many different delivery recipients in the food industry, and getting the goods to them requires highly efficient transport coordination and administration. Almost no other industry has to meet comparably high standards for maintaining quality specifications.

Our logistics solutions offer maximum safety, quality, and transparency, while also adhering to delivery dates. They are also notable for their sustainability and are specifically designed to be flexible enough to handle seasonal peaks and holiday periods with ease.

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