Experience Meets New Beginnings


Logistics requirements have changed drastically over the last 25 years. We at METRO LOGISTICS experienced these changes and helped to shape them. We developed a logistics network for the METRO Group’s retail stores and supermarkets that optimally supports the highly dynamic and complex processes involved in retail logistics. We have done more than just established nine company-run multi-user logistics centres at major German hubs, along with an extensive distribution network and our own vehicle fleet. We also developed modern IT structures that ensure logistics processes can be carried out more quickly, more reliably and more flexibly than ever.

More Than Just Storage and Delivery

Above all, we did not only demonstrate operational excellence in one of the most complex fields of logistics in the last 25 years, but also developed a deep expertise in the planning, coordination and management of logistics in order to handle goods with the greatest possible efficiency along the entire supply chain. This is represented by our procurement logistics model, which has been continuously optimized since its development.

Modern Challenges

When we discuss challenges in the logistics industry, we have to be aware that the biggest and most significant changes are still to come. Digitalisation and globalisation are transforming the market as we speak. The industry is facing demands for high-speed deliveries at low prices – particularly in the realm of e-commerce – meaning that companies from all industries and sectors are facing major challenges. Demands will continue to increase as time goes on, and the industry will have to be more dynamic than ever before to meet them.

Our Expertise for Your Success

We want to work with you to conquer these challenges, and so now offer our broad range of services and expertise to customers outside the METRO Group. Because implementing complex, efficient processes at low prices is at the core of what we do. Regardless of industry, regardless of procurement logistics, e-commerce fulfilment or omni-channel solutions, our experience and our flexibility mean that we are the perfect partner for your supply-chain needs. We live and breathe end-to-end logistics and, in addition to consulting services and a highly efficient logistics network, also offer a broad range of value-added services.


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