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Transport management for optimized logistics

An important aspect of a functioning supply chain is transport management. This is where there is a lot of potential for optimizing the supply chain. Transparent and efficient transport management not only provides an overarching insight into logistics processes, but also a lot of data and insights for further optimization. METRO LOGISTICS sees itself as a "4PL provider" that can take over the complete transport management for you, from transport planning and transport optimization to transport control.


Collaborative transport management platform for transparent retail logistics

Among the biggest challenges to efficient transport management are lack of transparency as well as complicated data exchange due to many stakeholders involved in the order and transport process: customers, shipping points, transport partners and consignees.

We have built a collaborative transportation management platform to provide common access to unified information for all stakeholders. Thanks to the transport management platform, we connect different information from all involved stakeholders and translate it into a unified data model. More about it in our success story:

Intelligent data management due to our IT solution

We act as a single point of contact and have an overview of all transport steps, status information as well as deviations and can react to them proactively.

We monitor transport processing on the basis of defined milestones from goods issue at the customer's warehouse to goods receipt at the consignee's site. Deviations in the transport process and during delivery are directly identified, measured and proactively controlled.

Transport management for optimized goods distribution

In our case study "Transport management using the example of the distribution of white and brown goods of the electronics manufacturer LG", we show how the optimization of your flow of goods and information, active transport control and valuable services can look in practice. (Available in German only).

The benefits include 

  • Reduction of complexity in goods receipt through fixed time window bookings
  • Flexible changes in transport processing
  • Transfer of status information and permanent monitoring of shipment data
  • Checking and readjusting optimal capacity usage

Efficient transport management for more transparency in the supply chain

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    Transport planning

    e.g. analysis of transport volumes, shipment sizes, route planning, capacity planning

  • box-img
    Transport optimization

    e.g. monitoring of shipment data, seasonal fluctuations, checking of optimal capacity usage

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    Transport control

    e.g. proactive monitoring of shipment data, control of information flow, clarification of deviations

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    administrative activities, customer service, incident management, claim management

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