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Efficient and Practical Warehouse Logistics

Retail logistics means sometimes delivering goods to warehouses instead of their final destination. Over the last 25 years, we have developed a reliable multi-user warehouse network including modern IT structures. We offer about 500,000 sqm of storage space in eight warehouses located at major German hubs and about 1,500 employees ready and raring to help you improve flexibility and delivery times within your supply chain. It goes without saying that our network is fully equipped to handle rapid, highly dynamic e-commerce processes.


Multi-user warehouses for outsourcing your warehouse logistics

Our multi-user warehouses are perfectly set up for storing and order picking a range of goods with very diverse shipment sizes. We handle everything from frozen, refrigerated and fresh foodstuffs to bulky non-food products and small parts.

IT systems for high transparency

You reap the benefits of our perfectly coordinated processes. Our IT systems provide a high degree of transparency, allowing you to monitor the status of your order. State-of-the art technology, for example voice-directed warehousing, guarantees reliable order picking.

Warehouse solutions for every product category

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    Food- and fresh food logistics

    also for refrigerated and frozen goods

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    Logistics for two-man handling

    such as large electrical household appliances, garden furniture, awnings or flatscreens

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    Secure logistics for valuable goods

    such as tobacco, alcohol or electronics

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    Logistics for articles with hazardous substances

    such as cosmetics, alcoholic or flammable products

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    Parcel logistics

    including online shipping

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    Logistics for fashion articles

    such as clothing, shoes, textiles

Detailed quality checks in warehousing

Our storage solutions focus on keeping your goods safe – whether they are luxury products or not. We start with an incoming goods inspection and end with an outgoing goods inspection. Our well-trained employees carry out careful and comprehensive quality checks before the goods are shipped.

Custom Options for Every Storage Requirement

The type of storage is matched to the item in question. Food, for example, may need to be frozen or refrigerated. Other products are very large or have to be stored securely because they are fragile or particularly valuable. We have worked with full line distributors for years, so we know that there will always be new challenges to overcome – and take pride in doing just that. We might have to set up different temperature zones in selected warehouses, or introduce new goods handling processes, but we know we can make it work. Our employees have received comprehensive training on correct item storage, and regularly attend additional training courses, so you can rest assured that your products are in the best of hands at our multi-user logistics centres.

Would you like to outsource your logistics?

Our experts will consult you.

Further services of METRO LOGISTICS


Fresh fruits and vegetables or freshly caught fish – we know how to get the best refrigeration results.


Maximum efficiency thanks to solution-oriented consulting, bundled product procurement, and a broad service portfolio.


Incredible flexibility thanks to intelligent transport management and transport optimization.


Reliable and timely transport of your goods.


Scalable fulfillment solutions and reliable fulfillment service partner for the rapid growth in E-commerce business.


Individual contract logistics solutions from procurement to destinations - regardless of whether it's a market, shop, production site or front door.


Strong services and value-added logistics that go beyond pure warehousing and distribution services.



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