Transport Logistics

Transport Logistics - reliable, flexible, fast

We use intelligent transport management to optimise distribution of your items and products. Goods are transported either with our own modern vehicle fleet, containing over 100 trucks and employing over 100 drivers, or with our experienced and internally certified transport and dispatch partners, who we have worked with for many years. Our distribution network can handle even the busiest of peak traffic.

We have been working in the mercurial, dynamic world of retail logistics for decades, and have proven our reliability many times over. At METRO LOGISTICS, we deliver your shipments quickly, cost efficiently, and on time, regardless of whether they are being shipped to a supermarket, a retail store, or, as with e-commerce, directly to your customer’s door. Our transport solutions help you to plan reliably.

Environmentally Conscious, Sustainable Transport Logistics


On average, vehicles in our fleet are no older than three years. Keeping our fleet up to date significantly reduces pollution. Almost 90 per cent of our trucks are classed as Euro 6, the highest emissions standard, and the remaining vehicles are classed as Euro 5 EEV. But even that is not enough: starting in 2019, we began investing in climate-friendly, energy efficient natural-gas fuelled trucks, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 25 per cent compared to regular diesel powered trucks. Not only that, these trucks emit far fewer pollutants, such as nitrogen oxide or fine particulate matter, than the amount permitted by the Euro 6 emission standard.

The Right Solution for Every Product


At METRO LOGISTCS we have worked with it all: the entire range of goods available, up to and including the most challenging cargo the logistics industry has to offer. Small, large, heavy, light, bulky, compact – we transport any and every product to where it needs to go. Valuable and sensitive items are sent in special packaging. Fresh or frozen items – particularly food items – are sent using vehicles guaranteed to maintain cold chain conditions from the warehouse to the destination. We also bundle or consolidate partial deliveries whenever we can, in order to ensure that distribution is as efficient and sustainable as possible.

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