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E-Commerce Fulfillment services for various products

As your fulfillment service provider we handle the entire logistics process for you. Around 1,500 employees with a high level of motivation and hands-on mentality ensure that fulfillment services are provided professionally.

In the time of rapid growth of the e-coomerce business our goal is to offer you a scalable fulfillment solution and to be a reliable fulfillment service partner to support you in this growth. You do not only get customized fulfillment, but also the time to focus on your core business.

E-commerce platform for online stores

At our warehouse in Altlandsberg, we offer a solution for start-ups and e-commerce retailers - a platform for the logistical fulfillment of e-commerce orders. With standardized processes and framework conditions, we have created a fulfillment offer for online stores and start-ups with smaller order and shipment volumes.

Why METRO LOGISTICS as a fulfillment service provider?

We analyze all fulfillment process steps, from warehousing, B2B and B2C picking to end-customer delivery as well as value added services and returns management, and create an individual concept for you. Scalability of the solution is our priority. In the dynamically growing E-commerce market we can react flexibly to volume developments as well as customer requirements. We have many years of experience in logistics during seasonal peaks, such as Christmas or Black Friday, and therefore ensure order fulfilment.

  • Fast implementation and IT integration
  • Available warehouse capacity
  • Scalable fulfillment solutions

Optimal warehousing as a fulfillment service

Optimal warehousing as a fulfillment service For the storage of your products we have our own multi-user warehouse network with seven logistics centers at important hubs in Germany. About 400,000 sqm of storage space offer you the flexibility and speed for your supply chain. We take a customer-centric approach to concept development. For your distribution strategy we offer you an optimally tailored logistics center from our network to shorten delivery times and ensure efficient order processing. For the warehousing of your products we use modern storage systems: pallet racks, drive-in racks, shelf racks or block storage - we will find the right storage solution for your goods. We offer solutions ranging from temperature-controlled products, such as food, to consumer goods and bulky items handled by two-man handling.

Fulfillment provider for E-commerce: what are the key factors for choosing?

Dynamic growth needs scalable logistics solutions. A successful E-commerce logistics provider should not only have the operational skills to process an online order. It should also have a high degree of flexibility to respond to rapid growth and dynamic requirements. In our whitepaper "E-commerce fulfillment - Why scalability and flexibility matter" you can learn more about the current development of e-commerce logistics and factors that are crucial for success in this segment.

Our fulfillment services

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    Inbound Logistics,
    Container Unloading
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    Picking, Packing,
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    Value Added Services
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    Delivery Handling
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    Return Management

Picking and delivery to B2B and B2C customers

As your fulfillment service provider we take care of fulfillment and direct delivery to your end customers. Whether the order is placed via the stationary point-of-sale or via the online store, we offer you individual logistics solutions with which we ensure flexible and efficient order processing along your supply chain. Flexible IT solutions ensure a coordinated connection of your sales channels and therefore support your omni-channel approach. In the pick & pack process we place great value on efficiency and speed. State-of-the-art technology, e.g. pick-by-voice, guarantees reliable picking. In the case of B2C picking we take care of the packaging, including application of the shipping label. In the process we offer individualized packaging options and other value added services. After the packaging process is completed in the warehouse, we also handle delivery for you with trusted parcel service providers. Our IT systems provide high transparency and visibility, so that you can track the processing status of the order at any time.

Return Management as a fulfillment service

As a fulfillment provider with an end-to-end concept we offer you all fulfillment services from a single source, therefore, return management and quality management are also part of our service portfolio. Should your customer need to make a return, we offer fast returns processing: from the classification of returns to the repackaging of goods. Efficient returns processing is an important part of our fulfillment concept to increase customer satisfaction and keep inventory levels up to date.

Do you plan to outsource your fulfillment?

Our experts will consult you.

Further services of METRO LOGISTICS


Fresh fruits and vegetables or freshly caught fish – we know how to get the best refrigeration results.


We have a network of multi-customer warehouses located at German logistics hotspots for improved flexibility and shorter delivery times.


Maximum efficiency thanks to solution-oriented consulting, bundled product procurement, and a broad service portfolio.


Incredible flexibility thanks to intelligent transport management and transport optimization.


Reliable and timely transport of your goods.


Individual contract logistics solutions from procurement to destinations - regardless of whether it's a market, shop, production site or front door.


Strong services and value-added logistics that go beyond pure warehousing and distribution services.



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