Your partner for supply chain optimization

Benefit from the management function of a 4PL logistics service provider

As an experienced "4PL Provider" (Fourth Party Logistics Provider) we also advise and manage your supply chain. We support you with a full-service approach: from a structured analysis of the current situation, an assessment of the current flow of goods, to the planning, implementation and monitoring of the entire transports.

Bundling effects through supply chain optimization

METRO LOGISTCS supports you with its consulting services in managing your supply chain. We optimize your supply chain with innovative and field-proven supply chain solutions. We take care of the entire supply chain management of your logistics, so valuable bundling effects and synergies are created, saving you costs and time. Supply chain logistics with optimized order cycles and pick-up transports reduce unnecessary transports - this is cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Innovative procurement optimization keeps your supply chain flexible

As a METRO LOGISTICS customer, you benefit from our many years of logistics experience and optimized supply chain solutions - as well as from our constantly refined procurement logistics concept: by bundling the supply of goods within the logistics network, we increase the efficiency of the entire METRO LOGISTICS network and optimize your costs.

Efficiency in the supply chain of retail companies

Due to the bundling of goods flows, we increase the efficiency of your transport as well as incoming goods. To give you a clear picture of the benefits of your cooperation with METRO LOGISTICS, we analyze and evaluate your logistics processes, prepare a potential analysis and develop an individual solution approach precisely for your requirements. Our planning services are based on decades of experience and draw on comprehensive simulation capabilities.

Whitepaper: Optimizing the supply chain through intelligent procurement logistics

Manufacturing companies as part of the supply chain optimization

Manufacturers also benefit from joining our procurement logistics network. We work closely with leading shipping partners for a variety of product needs and are therefore able to compensate for fluctuations in volume using flexible capacity planning. Handling seasonal peaks is not a problem. After all, one of our core competencies as a retail logistics company is dealing with sales and advertising campaigns, which require that large amounts of goods be distributed across Germany within set time limits at short notice. We think challenges are a chance to show what we are made of, and reliably meet every deadline – not the least because our deliveries have priority at retail loading docks.

How can you optimize the resilience of your supply chain?

In our whitepaper "Supply chains and bottlenecks. How to optimize the resilience of your supply chain", written by logistics expert Prof. Dr. Christian Kille, you will learn which nine characteristics logistics service providers should have in order to serve as a stabilizing anchor in rapidly growing logistics chains.

Available in German only.


METRO LOGISTICS as 4PL provider (Fourth Party Logistics Provider) can advise you on all aspects of transport management, work out solutions together with you and take over the transport management for you.

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    Management of complex processes

    From strategic planning to operational implementation

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    Identification of optimization potential

    by analyzing goods procurement, ordering behavior, warehouse locations, supplier and shipping structure

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    Efficiency and transparency of the supply chain

    by bundling shipments and optimizing the flow of goods


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    Sustainable supply chain

    through optimally loaded transports, prioritized transport handling and reduced standing times


Looking for a 4PL partner for supply chain optimization?


Further services of METRO LOGISTICS


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