Quality Management

We Deliver Quality

Ensuring your quality products reach your customers requires highly professional, reliable logistics processes. That’s why we have stringent quality management mechanisms in place to ensure that all internal and external processes meet the highest quality standards. We examine and improve our own quality requirements regularly using internal and external audits.

We also make sure all our personnel receive excellent training at the beginning of and throughout their employment with us. All our warehouses are subject to both system and surprise audits. These audits guarantee a rigorous evaluation process, allowing us to offer the highest quality and most reliable services. We are particularly proud of how we handle sensitive products such as foodstuffs.

The international IFS Logistics standard ensures that our quality-management processes are driven by a comprehensive, risk-based approach applied to foodstuffs as well as non-food products along the entire supply chain. Food safety is central to this approach, which we apply to all our services in warehousing and transport logistics

Our certifications at a glance

Certificate of Organic Production (DE-NW-039) in accordance with Regulation (EEC) No. 834/2007



Certificate of Organic Production

IFS Logistics Version 2.3, June 2021



Storage and transport of fruits and vegetables, fresh-service articles and non-food articles

Compliance with ASC Criteria for MSC Chain of Custody Standard



Repackaging, packaging, storing and transporting ASC shellfish and ASC crustaceans

Compliance with MSC Criteria for MSC Chain of Custody Standard



Repackaging, packaging, storing and transporting MSC fish products, MSC shellfish and MSC crustaceans

Compliance with QS System requirements for meat and meat products



QS meat and meat products, quality-assurance system from farm to shop

Compliance with ORGAINVENT criteria



ORGAINVENT System for indication of origin of meat