Electronics and Consumer Goods

As varied as our solutions

Products from the rubric electronics and consumer goods are as different as their storage and shipping requirements, so we offer you product-specific solutions that are cost-efficient and perfectly matched to your items, whether you are transporting delicate headphones, a heavy refrigerator, or a large corner sofa.

METRO LOGISTICS offers you all services from a single source, from intelligent storage solutions to smart packaging logistics. We also have no problem meeting your specialised pallet needs. Our national transport network ensures that we can deliver safely and without complications to your retail store or directly to the end customer. And it goes without saying that we cater to your customers’ individual needs.

Our IT systems guarantee consistent, intelligent merchandise management and allow you to track products across the entire logistics process. This includes returns management, which we will be happy to take on for you, whether you are dealing with the return of a watch from an online store or a defective washing machine from a retail outlet.

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