So manufacturers can focus on producing goods

As an expert and a leading company in the world of retail logistics, we have spent the last decades developing the competencies that are crucial to your own logistics processes. After all, reliable and flexible logistics processes plays a central role in the success of both process optimised production and the distribution of the products you manufacture.

In production logistics, we become an integral part of your production management with our multi-user logistics centres, and provide consultation services for your entire supply chain – from procurement logistics to waste removal for residual materials. Our extensive warehouse and distribution network allows us to reliably manage all your transport needs as we distribute the products you manufacture. We are already working with over 1,500 manufacturers to support their procurement logistics processes.

Whether you want to deliver your products to a retail location or send them directly to the end customer – we also develop cost-efficient logistics approaches for manufacturers, including comprehensive Value-Added Services as needed.

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