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ETA tools: a benchmark test

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Real-time shipment tracking along the entire supply chain creates benefits for all parties involved: shippers always know when a truck will arrive for loading and unloading and can plan resources at the ramp accordingly, transport service providers are informed about when a truck can end its tour and start the next one, and recipients can also plan appropriate capacities at the loading ramp to ensure rapid unloading and short downtimes.

The transmission of the estimated time of arrival (ETA) is a prerequisite for efficient planning of workflows in the transport and logistics industry. And transparency and knowledge of the duration of a transport are the decisive levers for smooth processes.

That’s the theory of Real Time Visibility put in a nutshell. But what about the use of ETA tools in practice? This is what Alexander Epp, our Senior Department Manager Transports, discussed with other experts at the Supply Chain Inside Talk. Listen to our practitioner perspective on the topic of "Digitization in logistics - between economies of speed and risk assessment" in the following podcast (German only) at: https://hubs.li/H0G47Xs0