Supply Chain Optimization

Bundling effects through supply chain optimization

METRO LOGISTCS supports you with its consulting services in managing your supply chain. We optimize your supply chain with innovative and field-proven supply chain solutions from procurement logistics and transport management.

We take care of the entire supply chain management of your logistics, so valuable bundling effects and synergies are created, saving you costs and time. Supply chain logistics with optimized order cycles and pick-up transports reduce unnecessary transports - this is cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Benefit from the consulting and management function of a 4PL logistics service provider

As an experienced "4PL Provider" (Fourth Party Logistics Provider) we also advise and manage your supply chain. We support you with a full-service approach: from a structured analysis of the current situation, an assessment of the current flow of goods, to the planning, implementation and monitoring of the entire procurement logistics and transport management.

Supply chain optimization solutions in practice

Innovative procurement optimization keeps your supply chain flexible

As a METRO LOGISTICS customer, you benefit from our many years of logistics experience and optimized supply chain solutions - as well as from our constantly refined procurement logistics concept: by bundling the supply of goods within the logistics network, we increase the efficiency of the entire METRO LOGISTICS network and optimize your costs. In our whitepaper we explain how you can further optimize your supply chain with our procurement logistics solution.

Read more about how you can make your supply chain management processes more efficient in our whitepaper "Innovative model of procurement logistics".

You will learn:

  • What added value METRO LOGISTICS' procurement logistics model offers for supply chain optimization

  • How you as a retail company can manage your flow of goods and increase efficiency

  • How you as a manufacturer can benefit from it

Efficient transport management for your supply chain optimization

METRO LOGISTICS takes charge of the entire logistics planning for you with efficient transport management for all shipment sizes and different assortments such as non-food or food with different temperature zones. This includes the optimization and control of the flow of goods, the optimization of the flow of information as well as other services.

Read more about the transport management of METRO LOGISTICS in our case study "Transport management using the example of the distribution of white and brown goods of electronics manufacturer LG".

Optimized supply chain saves costs and protects the environment

You and your customers expect fast, punctual, reliable, transparent and complete delivery. To achieve this, all logistics processes must fit in order to achieve maximum efficiency, flexibility and transparency along the entire supply chain.

In supply chain optimization, all processes along the logistics value chain have to be reviewed. The objective is to gain a precise understanding of all the overarching processes of the players participating in the supply chain, such as manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and freight forwarders. From this, individual processes can then be cleverly bundled in such a way that all participants derive the greatest financial benefit and recipients are satisfied with punctual and efficient delivery.

In our blog post "On the way to more sustainability with new transport partner", we tell you how we are focusing even more on sustainable processes in the supply chain.

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