Logistics Center Marl

  • Multi-User-Warehouse of Superlatives

  • Available storage capacities for your requirements

  • Complete logistics handling for your industry

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Storage space of Multi-User-Warehouse

With approximately 235,000 square meters of warehouse space, our multi-customer warehouse Marl with its two building sections A and B is one of the largest retail logistics centers in Europe.

  • 265 loading bays (Marl B)

  • Over 146,000 storage spaces (Marl B)

  • 18 halls, various storage systems and temperature zones

Take a virtual tour through our warehouse location and find out how food but also non-food goods are handled at our facility.

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Logistics Center Marl

  • Certified with the "Gold" seal of approval from the German Sustainable Building Council

  • Fully equipped with energy-saving LED lighting and motion sensors in the shelves

  • Elimination of ammonia as a coolant for our temperature-controlled areas

  • Own hazardous goods warehouse


Scalable Logistics Solutions

We handle the entire logistics process: procurement, warehousing, cross-docking, order picking, and distribution to B2B or B2C customers. 

  • Contract logistics - everything from a single source

  • Scalable e-commerce fulfillment

  • Food logistics

  • Value-added services

Marl - an optimal warehouse location for your supply chain

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