Ultrafresh in the fish platform Groß-Gerau

In Groß-Gerau, near Frankfurt Airport, we have been operating a fish logistics platform for a about 10 years. Learn more about our ultra-fresh expertise in our new video.



Handling fresh fish is arguably one of the biggest challenges in food logistics. Throughout the supply chain, extremely demanding hygiene and quality standards as well as a constant temperature of no more than 2° Celsius must be maintained to ensure top freshness of fish products. In Groß-Gerau near Frankfurt, we have been operating a logistics center for fresh fish for our customer METRO Germany since 2010. It's located in Groß-Gerau because fresh fish from overseas is handled via the international airport - and it's not too far from the European fishing grounds either.

The location serves as a hub for supplying fresh fish to all METRO stores in Germany and other countries. Around 10,000 tons of fish are handled annually on 5,000 m2. A total of 300 different types of fish from around 50 countries around the world are available in the assortment.

Immediately after arrival at the logistics center, our experienced quality inspectors check the goods according to defined quality criteria and standards, e.g. MSC/ASC as well as the specifications of temperature-controlled logistics. In the case of ultra-fresh products, in addition to the usual incoming goods inspection, there is also an inspection of sensory characteristics such as odor, appearance and firmness, which requires specialized quality management personnel.

Less than 12 hours after receipt of the goods at the logistics platform in Groß-Gerau, the fresh fish is transported on in special refrigerated vehicles for overnight delivery throughout Germany by the early morning of the following day. In this way, the goods are available in stores within 48 hours of being caught, fresh and ready to cook.

Learn more about quality management at METRO LOGISTICS.